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The cANDYdates, Part One: Flying Elvises, Kaufman Chapter

First, the Flying Elvises, Kaufman Chapter

Elvis Andy #1
Elvis Andy #1
Arion, Unphotoshopped
Arion, Unphotoshopped

This via Elvis expert Luke Colin Tieppo:

On Arion (Tony Richards):

As for Arion, he is supposed to be Tony Richards, Anthony Doyle Richards, of Atlanta Georgia. I have spoken to him. I cannot say for certain he is the man singing. Tony goes way back on the internet, he first posted on Alt. Elvis. King. Newsgroup in 1996 saying he was the best ETA in the world. Many of his posts were dedicated to challenging people. He claimed he had done concerts in the past. He told men he wanted to wrestle them. He was friends with a guy who went around on AEK saying he was Andy Kaufman.  Tony Richards is a real man in his forties in Georgia who actually sounds very little like who is meant to be, Arion. His singing sounds like a young Elvis on the phone, while Arion sounds like a 70s Elvis.

And yet take a look at Vince Gill and that first pic. Arion always talked about Vince Gill, Jon’s fictional daughter always said her favorite country singer was Vince Gill, there seems to be a running Vince Gill gag. You know there is a good clear picture of Jon Cotner from his old Myspace site, where you can see the pores of his skin even, yet to me it is still a complete crock because if you look closer, he has no neck among other things. Then he also does a video and he doesn’t look anything like any of his pictures except for that first one of him in the tank top sitting on the bike, the one that is usually black and white.

On Jon Cotner:  

Jon Cotner is likely Dale Eli Culbertson. Now this is interesting, because Andy Kaufman knew Dale and helped him get onto the Dick Van Dyke show way back when. So IMO they could be in this together.  Arion’s old website said “Designed by Earl A. Parsons”. Well Earl A. Parson’s was Jon Cotner’s first name when he came onto the internet to promote the movie All Shook Up made by Donnell. G. Bauer.


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