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What the hoaxers may miss — Andy Lives

This isn’t religion — it’s merely a statement of fact. Andy Lives.

I will repeat what I said before about the hoaxers doing things in Andy’s “memory” — I suspect you’ll be as surprised as anyone.

I’ve removed John Lundberg from this, since I’m persuaded at this point that he’s probably a sincere filmmaker genuinely following the evidence, but I repeat it for the hoaxers coming out of the woodwork …

Many flat-out debunkers grasp hoaxing as an excuse for murdering awe. (See, you can fake anything!) Many of the woollier-minded among us go full metal Oprah, asserting that ostension utterly proves some fully interactive quality to the universe. I think both conclusions are intellectual conceits. The real intellectual conceit may be that I understand it at all.

I think people can consider all manner of mad things so long as we understand the aim is to leave the question open, not to prove some certainty we cannot show in our work.

I have lots of friends who are EVP researchers (yes, electronic voice phenomena). They upload their samples, which they create with their own equipment and their own resources. The hoaxers pollute the field. They distort the body of information, they do not add to it. They don’t hone perception. It doesn’t take a genius to create fake EVP. It’s pretty easy to do. The sincere participation of the researchers (even if they are only capturing their imagination in an abstract pattern via pareidolia) is essential to our working as a community.

So along comes the kids to pee in the gene pool. Most EVP hoaxers have told me their aim is to prove the whole field is flimflam. When they can fake it, they give us the old Randi bent spoon saw. They want to debunk or disprove by confusing the issue. They want to make further research impossible because they don’t think we should be asking our questions — or questioning their answers. The validity of EVP research does not prove anything, other than people want to ask questions.

I’m worried that this level of hoaxing has come to Andy Kaufman land. I’m concerned, at some level, if Andy isn’t alive (and I think that a bit less than half the time), that he’s being used in a way. If ((the hoaxers)) are “becoming the magic” they wish to create and, thereby, shining some light on the AKiA phenomenon, that’s fine. I look forward to that.

The older I get, the less patience I have with idle navel-gazing. It strikes me as a kind of abstract, insincere narcissism.

In any event, never forget — Andy is Alive.


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