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Maddox is a myth, but then so might be Alexandra Tatarsky

A few years ago (late 90s), a press release emerged that announced that Andy Kaufman was alive. I believe the release held that he was an elevator operator somewhere? Well, a second press release emerged that purported to be from the Kaufman family — this press release stated that the prior release had been a fake … the only problem was, the Kaufman family supposed press release was itself a fake.


Anyway, we now have the title Apollonius that has been linked to Andy. And Andy’s supposed daughter who showed up at the November reveal with the very real brother of Andy, Michael Kaufman, is named Alexandra Tatarsky? Well, check out Alexander of Tarsus as connected to Apollonius. We’ll wait. Now check this out:


Is this all Kaufman estate stuff designed to confuse us? Is the great magician just our brain’s capacity to find a pattern in random information? Is Alexandra REALLY Andy’s daughter and the press has been faked out yet again?

As for Stephen Maddox, I find him less and less compelling (And I had pretty much excluded him by now) – however, is that by design?

Doubt everything and find your own light. More on the “great teacher” who wrote another related Apollonius publication tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Maddox is a myth, but then so might be Alexandra Tatarsky

  1. Without divulging personal information, I’ll just say conclusively that I feel confident that Alexandra Tatarsky is her legal identity, and that she and her family seem to be otherwise unaffiliated with the Kaufman circus.

    Dhrupick on the other hand:

    #Your name of Dhrupick creates a very expressive, versatile, and spontaneous nature.
    #You are happiest when you are associating with people and participating in activities with others.
    #Your name gives you a desire to sing, dance, and have a good time.
    #This name makes you very idealistic, emotional, and temperamental, liking to do things on the spur-of-the-moment and disliking being repressed or held down to monotonous detail.
    #A lack of concentration makes it difficult to establish stable, secure conditions in your business life.
    #In order to bring out the higher side of your nature, you should develop your artistic and creative talents.
    #Over-indulgence in food or emotional desires could cause you to have problems in your nervous system as well as with your skin.


    • Those Kabalists, always with the free associations. lol

      Speaking of free associations, that’s what I’m doing. Oh, I’m pretty sure Alexandra is a real person. I’m just opening up the range of options. I seem to have really ticked off a couple of people. I keep getting testy reactions.

      And frankly, the Maddox thing has been resolved, the matter of Andy is a rhetorical open question, and I think I’m pretty much done with the whole matter.

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